About Swedish Fashion Talents

About Swedish Fashion Talents

Swedish Fashion Talents, formerly called Rookies, is a goodwill project run since 2005 by the Swedish Fashion Council with the ambition to support and promote the establishment of new fashion brands and designers in Sweden and abroad. Swedish Fashion Talents participants are offered support for a year through various projects, networks and activities.

When Swedish Fashion Talents was founded the goal was to create a meeting place for designers, buyers and press. During the project’s first four years, the Swedish Fashion Council arranged fashion fairs during Stockholm Fashion Week in February and August. In 2010, the direction of the project was changed. Since then designers and brands applies to the project, and every year 12 participants are selected by a jury. All participants are nominated for the award "Swedish Fashion Talent of the Year". To view a list over designers that have participated in our projects in earlier seasons, please have a look under ”Designer SFT”.


Cover Picture: From "Rookies coaches Rookies" year 2009, a collaboration between the Swedish Fashion Council and Berghs School of Communication.

For more information, please contact:


Helena Mellström
+46 (0)8 411 17 44

Email: talents(at)swedishfashioncouncil.se



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